Little Nobody.

Aliases: Andrez Bergen, Dick Drone, Schlock Tactile, Funk Gadget, Conversational Dentures, Curvaceous Crustacean, Slam-Dunk Ninja
In Groups: Veronica du Lac, Little Nobody feat. Robo*Brazileira, Little Nobody vs. DJ Fodder, Admiral Anderision vs. Atomic Autocrac, Elektronauts, LN Elektronische Ensemble, Little Bitches

Andrez Bergen, better known as Little Nobody, is an expatriate Australian journalist, some-time musician, photographer, DJ, occasional illustrative pencil-pusher, one-time filmmaker, writer, wayward graphic designer, and an ad hoc beer connoisseur, formerly from Melbourne, who’s been entrenched in Tokyo, Japan, for almost 8 years now.
Andrez is also head-honcho of IF?, which is maybe why so many of his releases sneak through quality control...

Takashi Watanabe.


Takashi started DJing as a student in Fukuoka (the home of the insanely delicious tonkotsu ramen noodle soup), and claimed his deejaying moniker (he DJs as DJ Warp) thanks to the Warp label t-shirt he was wearing the first time he spun records. In the intervening years he’s developed a taste for superb hard house and deep - minimalistic techno, and - after a stint in Okayama, where he ran small underground techno events “Pulse”, he moved back to Kyushu, where he now spins, makes music and runs Missile parties in Kagoshima.

Son Of Zev.


Quite literally the son of Zev - his dad - Allan Klinbail has been better known in Melbourne and the rest of Australia, since 1997, under his production nom de guerre, Son Of Zev, and he’s been a key member of the IF? Records posse since he stuck a demo into Andrez’s hand as he was DJing at Hardware 13 in 1998.
Allan’s performed live on multiple occasions in Melbourne, Sydney and Newcastle, supporting Squarepusher, Luke Vibert and Spearhead, and most recently played at one of the notorious Melbourne More Bass parties. He also runs Little Wolf Recordings and is a member of the LN Elektronische Ensemble.

Jammin' Unit.


Jammin’ Unit is perhaps better known as one half of German acid and techno group Air Liquide, but has released more material as a solo artist, having recorded under a seemingly endless array of pseudonyms including Cube 40, Zulutronic, Bionic Skank, G104, and Ultrahigh, he was one of the most prolific artists on the early German acid scene and helped organize Koln’s influential Structure label group (which included the Blue, Structure, and DJ Ungle Fever imprints).
He also did a way cool remix of Sydney outfit Krang for IF? waaaay back in 1997, then followed up 12 years later with a remix of Little Nobody.
His other work has appeared through Sm:)e, Pharma, Force Inc., and once-popular U.K. techno imprint Rising High. An active producer and engineer since 1991, Cem produced house and techno for some of German’s most commercial labels before following his distortion-ridden muse in more experimental directions.


Andrew is one of Melbourne's current new wave of talented electronic producers, and if you've missed the several waves that've come out of that Australian city since the '80s and Ollie Olsen's outfit, Orchestra Of Skin And Bone, you've got an extensive back-catalogue to try to hunt down.
Koda has been around himself for four or five years, on and off, first DJing, until he stopped about three years ago, in order to focus on live projects. The guy makes grubby killer techno that's like Voiteck: Next Gen.
We love it. This is Melbourne 2009.

Si Begg.


Si is the British geezer who helms irreverent labels Noodles and Noodles Discotheque over in the UK, as well as Mosquito Records (with Cristian Vogel).
He’s been recording for 14 years, under aliases like Buckfunk 3000, S.I. Futures, Cabbage Boy, Lenny Logan and Zygmunt Janowski, on labels like those above, as well as Hydrogen Jukebox, NovaMute, Tresor, IF?, Cheap and Planet Mu.
He remixed two Little Nobody tracks for us, and reciprocated by sticking the little one on Noodles Discotheque Vol. 2.

Devin Wine.


Rather astute expat American who's lived in Tokyo these past few years, Devin plays downright funky bass guitar on his beloved Rickenbacker for various local funk and jazz ensembles; he also dabbles with tunes on his MacBook Pro under the aliases of Tylendal and Admiral Anderision, and doubles as one half of ongoing production outfit Atomic Autocrac vs. Admiral Anderision (he's the officer) with Andrez, a.k.a. Little Nobody.
Under this alias, the two remixed the Severed Heads track 'Twister' for a 2008 tribute compilation through Clan Analogue in Australia.
Look out for more shortly!


Enclave is the electronic alias of Melbourne, Australia, based producer, Paul Derons. Think moody/atmospheric techno, minimal and break-tech with a smattering of other sonics; a bootyish swagger and a cerebral sensibility would sum up much what he's on about, as well as a darker, more clinical soundscape direction.
Paul's been playing as Enclave in and around Melbourne since November 2000 and is a repeat performer at the aLive parties, at More Bass, and supported Precision Cuts with the Bughauz crew.
We hooked up with Paul last year and promptly released his Ironyism EP. Yum.

Alone Together.

We released Japanese cut-up artist Yuki Ota's debut EP, The Beginning Of Human, through IF? late last year, as well as an extended version of one of his tracks on our 13th anniversary compilation, and new EP Macintosh Is Out Of My Life all within a few months - so quite obviously we're somewhat enamored with the guy.
Ota-san is one of the truly innovative (and nice) guys here in Tokyo; and even Toshiyuki Yasuda thinks he's unique and crazy, and Cem Oral (Jammin' Unit) rated Ota's track, Bara No Kodoku, as one of the highlights of 2008. "It's a burner!", Cem recently enthused.

LN Elektronische Ensemble.

The LNEE is the ongoing collaborative project of Little Nobody, Son Of Zev and Isnod, with occasional guest Marcella.
In the past, especially over the years 1999 to 2001, the LNEE were principally a live act that took the piss out of the "live" concept, as well as a hilarious pastiche of experimental electronica over the ages, culminating in a raucous live remix of The Doors classic 'Light My Fire' on the IF? compilation Reaction Hero.
They often roll in loops from the respective artists involved.
In 2001 they also released the limited edition CD of live mixes dubbed Live, Sorted & Tauted.
The LNEE played at the Off-Shore Festival in 2000, supporting Spearhead amongst others, and dabbled with live support for Squarepusher's tour of Melbourne in 2001.
They also came last in a Monash Uni Battle of The Bands competition... amen to that.


Never to be confused with our Melbourne artist Koda, M-Koda is excellent Japanese techno artist Satoshi Kodama. We asked him 7 questions:
(1) Where in Japan do you live?
I from Sendai.
(2) How would you describe your music?
I am affected by not only the dance music but also all music. Therefore my music takes the sound of various genres into account.
(3) Who are your favorite artists?
There are a lot of favorite artists.However, the artist who was a chance to
enter this world is DAFT PUNK.
(4) What is your favorite sushi?
I like salmons.
(5) What is your favorite Japanese beer?
(6) What is your favorite Japanese manga or anime?
(7) Who is the best ever Japanese musician?
I like Ryuichi Sakamoto and Jo Hisaishi.
By the way, I am 20 years old.

Bitch Shift.


Aliases: Ben Mill, Chairman Of The Board
In Groups: Little Bitches

Bitch Shift is the techno brainchild of Ben Mill, who at the tender age of 16, cheekily snuck into Melbourne’s night clubs to worship dance music anthems of the early '90s. Attracted to the drive and groove of loopy, percussive sounds, he soon found his way to techno, grew an interest in the production, studied music technology at the Victoria University of Technology and Bitch Shift was born. Ben likes to produce a variety of styles, from dirty, bass-driven crackers to that with a more cerebral edge, all worthy of an ass shake or two!



E383 (aka Thomas Mccluskey) is a techno producer from the Scottish highlands.

After leaving the army in 1991 at 18, he discovered the thriving breakbeat hardcore scene and soon started dabbling in electronic music production using a very minimal setup for a few years - then discovered the sounds of Techno through John Peel and Dave Clarke (who's now currently spinning his tunes!), was hooked instantly and soon started experimenting with this newly discovered sound.
2003 came with the first Techno release, on vinyl and cd, titled ‘Illegal Beats’ on Sifted Recordings (New York). The track was released under his own name - Thomas Mccluskey and was still almost entirely produced using the same old Commodore Amiga 500 computer. 2 remixes were done by DJ Donovan (New York) and Ramie Burns (New York)
He's now prolifically producing stuff for us and Elektrax Music.

Dave Tarrida.

Dave Tarrida’s 18-year career began in 1991 as a DJ at Scotland’s legendary Sativae Sound System.
Following up on the DJing bit, Dave slowly began to reveal his studio sides, beginning in 1996 as Pujol on Neil Landstrumm’s “World Rallying” EP, followed up by his Tresor debut with Tobias Schmidt on “The Test” EP. Propelled by constant touring in continental Europe and Britain, Dave’s regular appearances at massive techno festivals like Sonar and the Berlin Love Parades have built him worldwide followings.
Plus he's a generally nice guy. We love him.

Zen Paradox.


Zen Paradox was established in Melbourne, Australia, in 1991 by Steve Law as a solo outlet for his more techno oriented electronic music work. Steve has previously been a member of the groups Foil and Guild of Fire, and is a current member of Black Cab and High Pass Filter. His other solo projects include Mutagenic Mind, Mr. Suspicious and Solitary Soul.
Steve has been producing avant garde and electro-acoustic music since 1984, and in 1996 was awarded the ABC Classic FM Computer Music Award for his composition “Urbania”. Some of his live collaborators include Monolake, Andy Vaz, Atom Heart, Tetsu Inoue, Riou Tomita, Ai Yamamoto and The Terminal Quartet.
We first saw Steve play live as Zen Paradox in Melbourne in 1993 - a mad, insanely cool experience that ended up motivating us to start up IF? Records.

Steve Stoll.

Steve Stoll has been banging around the worldwide techno and electronic scene since the early '90s.
His first 12" was released on Richie Hawtin's Probe imprint. Since that time, Stoll has followed standard techno artist protocol by changing labels, handles and partners only slightly less often than his synth patches.
The short list includes collaborations with Ken Ishii, Pete Namlook, Damon Wild and members of Front 242. His recordings can be found under Steve Stoll, Dark Man, Mr. Proper or Blunted Boy Wonder, and on a range of labels including  NovaMute, Harthouse, Synewave, Djax-Up-Beats, and Mike Dearborn's Majesty Recordings and his own label, Proper N.Y.C.. He's also known for his remix work for the likes of Gary Numan, Hardfloor and DJ Rush.
And he just remixed Little Nobody's 'Robota' in scintillating techno fashion.



Take the last century of music, put it into a blender and out pours Isnod, a moody, molasses-smooth mélange of many a music.
Music composer Isnod has been performing solo and collaboratively for nearly six years. He has done a variety of things on his musical path, including support for artists as diverse as Mike Patton, Luke Vibert and Squarepusher. Damian has also proven a dab hand at remixing tunes for a variety of folk and at being commissioned for soundscape-y soundtrack work.
He has created several soundtracks for contemporary dance pieces; composed sonics for several short films; and created a soundscape for the Melbourne Fringe Fashion Festival made entirely from sounds recorded backstage on the night of the parade. When DJing, he has been known to set the dancefloor alight. Literally.


IF? had a new release out this year, and it was the debut by Melbourne act Alkan - with remixes by some sensational guys including Takashi Watanabe (DJ Warp), Bitch Shift, Enclave and Dick Drone.
It's one of our favorite offerings in 2009, and we expect huge things from Ali - stay tuned...

DJ Fodder.

DJ Fodder are the people behind 'Cocaine Speaking' (first cut in 1999, and recent dubbed by DJ Mag as "the single most infectious groove to land" on their lap), and the literally dozens of remixes floating about in Australia, Japan and elsewhere, by Mijk van Dijk, Dave Tarrida, Jason Leach, Captain Funk, DJ Warp, and others.
The Fodder has been a steadily morphing entity, starting out as a collaborative pairing of Andrez Bergen and Jeff Willis, but also sometimes Bergen alone, or as the collective Little Nobody vs. DJ Fodder. Responsible for a series of white labels and cassette recordings in the late '90s, including other classics tracks like 'Sukiyaki Breaks' (remixed by Yamaoka).
DJ Fodder has just re-emerged, in 2009, after a lengthy hiatus with the innovative Busted Piano EP.

Wolfgang Klein.

Herr Klein says: "I grew up in the city of Danzig so had an identity crisis from the moment I was born: was I Polish, German, Russian.... who knows. My Mother is polish and my father (rest his soul) was a German businessman who worked all over the world, so I have been educated in international schools and I primarily speak English with words from all languages that krypning in. This translates to my passion for
music - I love dub, mashed-up electronic sounds, jazz, classical, African... you name it. I also have a passion for writing about music and have done some reviews for Elektrax. Presently I am podrozny around the world with the aim of  listening to all the different types of music possible, and absorbing everything. I am soon to go to Japan to see some Kabuki theatre... hooooo-aaaaahhhhhh.
Mostly I just listen to music but I have a laptop with linux and for about a year-and-a-half have been experimenting with sounds inside some
linux software. This was encouraged by my friend, Allan Klinbail (Son Of Zev), who
I met in an IRC chatroom about linux. He give me some sounds to remix which are soon released on IF? Records, which is a fantastic global label. The first track was 'Missing Parts', which I worked mit an old freunde, Ernst Borgnein, for a compilation last year. But now I have now done my own remixes, which will go on a release mit Herr Allan, so I guess I have crossed the line, and am making sounds as well as listening...  Oh what a journey of fun...

Guyver 3.


Melbourne electronic music boffin - and current game soundtracker par excellence - Scott Armstrong was the inaugural artist on the IF? label with a full-length release: the highly experimental, challenging and superb Perception Camera album that was released in 1996.
Andrez and Briony Wright (a.k.a. DJ Venom) met Scott a number of times in 1994/95 at a swag of rave parties like Kryal Castle, a RRR benefit rave at Luna Park, and Every Picture Tells A Story, etc. Forever the tweaker, Scottie carried around a tape Walkman with his latest drum-loops, and needless to say Andrez was smitten.
He got Scott together with fellow rookie Melbourne artist Adam Raisbeck (Soulenoid/Sense), and they played a notorious live set together in August 1995 on Andrez's radio show Cyberdada on 3PBS-FM. That set was promptly released as a limited edition tape called Out Of Standard through IF?, and it was reprised as the 23rd track on the now deleted Perception Camera album.