IF100. 15 Years of IF?


and available online HERE.


Celebrating the 100th IF? release and exactly 15 years on the job, with some original artists off the label plus brand new ones.

Think ZEN PARADOX and TR-STORM, who appeared on the first ever IF? release, the Zeitgeist compilation in 1995. Then add G3, aka GUYVER 3, who had the first solo artist release (Perception Camera) through IF? in 1996. Sprinkle in some LITTLE NOBODY (first appearance on Zeitgeist 2 in 1996), ISNOD (who designed the Zeitgeist 3 cover in 1997 and featured on Reaction Hero in 2001), plus SCHLOCK TACTILE (Reaction Hero), SON OF ZEV (one of the IF? live stars in the ‘90s and ‘00s) and DJ FODDER (responsible for the 'Cocaine Speaking' phenomenon conjured up in 1999 and since remixed over 30 times by Mijk van Dijk, Dave Tarrida, DJ Hi-Shock, Pocket, Captain Funk, Jason Leach, etc, etc).

Then add in the storming, reasonably more recent Melbourne posse that includes excellent artists like BEN MILL, ENCLAVE, ALKAN, CRAIG MCWHINNEY, KODA, ELEKTRONAUTS, one half of VERONICA du LAC, CONVERSATIONAL DENTURES, RYSH PAPROTA, DICK DRONE and KULTRUN.

As icing on the proverbial cake we’ve added in some rather juicy remixes from PATRICK PULSINGER, BILL YOUNGMAN, SHIN NISHIMURA, SECRET SURFER, DSICO, SETTEE OF INDUSTRY, LEON NAGANT M1895 and DJ WARP, plus a Little Nobody remix of E383 and a Chairman of the Board mix of TALL TREES.

track list.

1. Isnod ‘Pripyat’ (5:31)
2. DJ Fodder ‘Cocaine Speaking’ (Dsico remix) (5:03)
3. Craig McWhinney ‘Confined Spaces’ (7:24)
4. Andrez Bergen ‘Merian Cooper’ (6:09)
5. Funk Gadget ‘Blah Blah’ (Patrick Pulsinger remix) (6:58)
6. Little Nobody ‘Get Away From It All’ (AB- Mix) (7:02)
7. Ben Mill ‘Dance Floor Confessions Of A Stalker’ (5:29)
8. TR-Storm ‘Cylitic’ (3:12)
9. Koda ‘Snipper’ (6:34)
10. Little Nobody ‘Poiseworks’ (Shin Nishimura remix) (5:56)
11. Kultrun ‘Underground’ (6:09)
12. Tall Trees ‘Broken Friend (Hurting Youself)’ (Chairman of the Board remix) (7:22)
13. Alkan ‘In Your Skin’ (4:45)
14. Son Of Zev ‘Swelter’ (5:26)
15. Enclave ‘Pulse Overture’ (6:17)
16. Zen Paradox ‘Mindmelt’ (6:50)
17. Rysh Paprota ‘Her Flew’ (1:46)
18. G3 ‘Onigoroshi’ (3:47)
19. Little Nobody feat. Robo*Brazileira ‘Robota’ (Elektronauts remix) (8:07)
20. Veronica du Lac ‘Because It Pays So Thin’ (Bill Youngman remix) (5:52)
21. Jungle Taitei ‘Taitei Drums’ (Secret Surfer remix) (7:14)
22. Little Nobody vs. Magnet Toy ‘Depth Charge’ (DJ Warp remix) (8:14)
23. Koda ‘Tilb’ (5:06)
24. E383 ‘Radion 2’ (Little Nobody remix) (9:56)
25. Kultrun ‘Drift Away’ (Andrez Bergen remix) (10:40)
26. Schlock Tactile ‘Kouture Krash’ (7:12)
27. Little Nobody ‘Metropolis How?’ (Settee Of Industry remix) (6:10)
28. Dick Drone ‘Wash’ (Mix 2) (7:04)
29. Conversational Dentures ‘Suicidio’ (Leon Nagant M1895 Remix) (6:24)
30. Curvaceous Crustacean ‘An Electric Blanket & Minimum Chips’ (1:51)