LITTLE NOBODY feat. ROBO*BRAZILEIRA. Robota Remixes 12-inch.



Some things don’t change, like Andrez Bergen’s love for things robotic.

The name of his new vinyl EP is ‘Robota’, and Little Nobody shanghaied Japanese producer Toshiyuki Yasuda (one of Si Begg’s favorite musicians, and who’d just finished working with Señor Coconut, a.k.a Atom Heart) into the arrangement – to do gorgeous, robot-style vocoder vocals as Robo*Brazileira.

To do their very own wind-up remixes of that killer combo – all of whom criss-cross contemporary dance music styles in dazzling new ways – we lassooed in the insanely respected Mr. Steve Stoll (Proper NYC/NovaMute/Djax-Up-Beats/Harthouse) and Dave Tarrida (Tresor/Musick/Neue Heimat/Feinwerk).

Rounding out the superlative remixing troupe here is Germany’s Cem Oral (Jammin’ Unit/Ultrahigh/4E), the genius behind Cube 40’s‘Bad Computa’ and the Air Liquide classic ‘This is Not a Mind Trip’.           

Finally, Little Nobody tackles fellow Aussie Simon Nielsen (DJ Hi-Shock of Elektrax fame) in a collaborative techno free-for-all that is one moment the purist, glorious tech sound DJ Hi-Shock is famous for; the next it’s wild acid; then it all segues into wonderfully eclectic electronica in the terrain of Little Nobody and Funk Gadget – full of winding-down robotic noises and glitches.

Completely innovative and quite unlike anything you think you may have heard before, this is machine-based disco-funk-tech for the next decade.


with superb robot artwork by marcin markowski.


"Steve Stoll!!! What more can I say? And Dave Tarrida's remix - fucking brilliant. It's in my radio show on Sunday [www.xt3.nl]. With a little introduction from me. Wicked track."
D.A.V.E. The Drummer (Hydraulix/Infectious/Eukatech, UK)

"Feeling all the mixes on here but Steve Stoll is my fav."
Trevor Rockcliffe

"Nice remixes, mate. Steve Stoll remix is the best for me."
Shin Nishimura (SCI+TEC/Plus Tokyo, Japan)

"Played the Steve Stoll remix out yesterday - was great!"
Ben Klock (BPitch Control/Ostgut Ton/Clockworks/Poker Flat)

"Holy shit, this is fucking awesome. Epic work on getting Tarrida to mix it!!! Real hop'n'skip tune. I'm giving the hydraulics in my office chair a workout with the bounce. Damn straight this needs to be on vinyl. And everyone needs to own a copy!"
Ehsan Gelsi (Bubble & Squeak/Smash Bang Records, Australia)

"Wow, wow, wow!!! ...As you may know I am a huge Inigo Kennedy fan... I really like the dark, textured ambience combined with the hard pumped bass grooves and complex crisp percussion. I love this one!!! I really do!!!"
V1NZ (Elektrax/Proper N.Y.C, USA)

"This Inigo Kennedy remix is a killer!!"
Koda (Elektrax/IF?, Australia)

"Loving the Dave Tarrida remix of 'Robota'... alien robotic techno! Plus enjoying rest of the EP!!"
Andrew Till (Psy-Harmonics, Australia)

"I am LOVIN’ that Little Nobody vs. DJ Hi-Shock remix – that is hench and it's totally flipping my wig around! And what a remix the Tarrida one is - OOOF!! You're a star for sending that... defo put that on vinyl!"
DJ Steve Found (Kick 106 Radio/Twisted Energy, UK)

"Steve Stoll remix is pumping!"
Orlando Voorn (R&S Records/International Deejay Gigolo/Submerge, USA)

"Nice tracks.”
John Acquaviva

"Ohohoho...Yep, Dave Tarrida's mix is good, mate - real club tune yeah, on vinyl 4 sure."
Max Durante (Monotone/Hot Trax, Italy)

"The Inigo Kennedy mix has nice glitchy sounds, reminding me of stuff similar to Apparat."
Alkan (Android Muziq/Hypnotic Room, Australia)

"Steve Stoll remix is doing the business for me - and Dave Tarrida's is lush as FUCK!!"
Luke's Anger (Tigerbass/Don’t/Bonus Round, UK)

"Little Nobody vs. DJ Hi-Shock mix is a good one! Sounds like The Terminator on a kill spree."
s007ii (DJ subRoutine) (Protonradio, Canada)

"Like the Steve Stoll remix best!"
Bas Mooy (Audio Assault/Planet Rhythm/Impact Mechanics, Netherlands)

"Nice one, I like the Dave Tarrida, Steve Stoll and Little Nobody/Hi-Shock mixes the most. The artwork is cool as always too, ha ha!"
Rysh Paprota (Australia)

"I've checked all 'Robota' remixes, especially love LITTLE NOBODY VS DJ HI-SHOCK, STEVE STOLL and of course, this massive one - DAVE TARRIDA. Thank you for sending me cool tracks!"

Tatsuya Oe (Captain Funk/Sublime/AVEX, Japan)

"Very nice - the remix I prefer is the one by Steve Stoll; Dave Tarrida's is also clubby and dynamic."
Max Durante (Monotone, Italy)

"Great track and lovely artwork on this, good to see the remixes on vinyl, well deserved as the mixes are top class!!"
DJ Hi-Shock (Elektrax/Gynoid, Australia)

"Cool EP!!! Will play it!!"
DJ Warp (Elektrax/Hypnotic Room, Japan)

"These tracks will definitely get a work out for sure."
Matt Radovich (Australia)

"This is awesome."
Son Of Zev (Elektrax/EPTAS, Australia)

"Nice to hear Master Stoll again. Good mixes."
Wyndell Long (Peacefrog/Primate/Pro-Jex/Djax-Up-Beats, USA)

"The Dave Tarrida remix is dope...!! That's exactly the kind’a sound I'm really into at the mo’!!"
DJ Brewster B (3RRR FM, Australia)

"Little Nobody vs. DJ Hi-Shock... amazing!"
DJ Ichitomi (TTAK, Japan)

"Inigo Kennedy's is cool! Tuff! Love that percussion-like riff, and the effect on the original vox works a treat."
Chairman Of The Board (Hypnotic Room/IF?, Australia)

"The Steve Stoll mix is the one for me. Love it. Like the Little Nobody vs. DJ Hi-Shock one too…"
Alex Blanco (Thrive Records/Floorplay, UK)

"Wow! ...Tarrida's is robofunk! Love it. Top quality mix. Love the energy and chaos of the Little Nobody vs. DJ Hi-Shock remix too; not sure what it is, probably the space, but something reminds me of Der Dritte Raum… obviously a bit tougher. Wunderbar!"
Bitch Shift (Elektrax/IF?/Digiticed, Australia)

"Proper minimalistic grooves here from Steve Stoll; full respect for sticking to his guns and never drifting away from his style! Dave's remix is the BEST Robota remix I have heard, no kidding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW."
DJ Hi-Shock (Elektrax/Central Station/Time Unlimited, Australia)

"Man, Dave Tarrida's is a sick remix. Definitely vinyl material... got that dirty bass of dubstep with a bouncy techno edge, I reckon there'd be a few who'd dig that."
Craig McWhinney (Global Underground/Haul Music/Nightshade, Australia)

"Yeah I like Dave Tarrida's... heavy!!"
Alec Storey (Al Tourettes) (Phonica/Ostgut Ton/Bonus Round, UK)

"Dave Tarrida remix - funktastic!"
Dave Blakemore (Dead Channel, UK)

"Little Nobody vs. DJ Hi-Shock mix is solid and banging."
Hologram Hookers (Hypnotic Room/Afro Acid, UK)

"Dave Tarrida's remix is a belter... one of the best I've heard yet! I for one would love this on vinyl... The Steve Stoll remix is simply amazing and my fave!"
E383 (Home Records/IF?/Hypnotic Room, UK)

"This one is right up my alley! If I had to choose, I’d say the Steve Stoll and Little Nobody vs. DJ Hi-Shock are the remixes I’m most likely to play. It’s hard to say which one I like best because they’re all good!"
Anton Banks (The Vault Radio/Elektrosouls, USA)

"Dave Tarrida's remix is really awesome. This solid groove blows my mind!"
Tatsuya Oe (Captain Funk) (Sublime/AVEX/Sony, Japan)

"Really like the sounds in Inigo Kennedy's mix. Does remind me a bit of Voiteck's stuff, but I guess that's the style."
Rysh Paprota (Öften Grüven Recordings, Australia)

"Steve Stoll for me!"
Dave Tarrida (Tresor/Musick/Neue Heimat/Feinwerk, UK)

Oh my!! This tune is going to be big! I love it, that sinister bassline sends shivers down my spine! Awesome, one of the best things Tarrida's done for a while imho. The Inigo Kennedy remix is a slammer! I'm a big fan of Surgeon, Regis, Female, DJ Boss, etc, so this was a nice surprise."
DJ Mike Holmes (Bleep Radio/Recorded Delivery, UK)

"Stoll’s remix is the heat - and Tarrida's is ill man!! Love it!! Full support from me. VINYL FOR SURE!"
Roman Zawodny (F1 Recordings/Elektrax/Prozak, USA)

"Very nice remix from Dave!"
Inigo Kennedy (Molecular/Missile/Asymmetric/Urban Substance, UK)
"Solid drum beats, massive tunes."
DJ Dirty [M] (USA)

"I love the Stoll mix – I know it’s a smidgeon more tech than what normally goes on our show, but the spectrum is – as always – wide…"
Lars Ollo (Extended Play 2SER FM, Australia)

"Really like the Steve Stoll mix, will get lots of plays."
Jon Rundell (Intec Records/Bush, UK)

"Jammin' Unit remix is fabulous, with cool voices and an electrifying guitar."
KyneticS (Nuhar Records, Italy)

"Steve Stoll remix, will support."
Dich (Android Muziq/Hypnotic Room, Uruguay)

"Yeah, Dave's is sounding nice, and clubby too."
Bill Youngman (Tresor/Scandinavia/Neue Heimat/Feinwerk, Germany)

"Robota - Jammin' Unit remix - is a very cool electro tune with nice samples... Will support."
Djclubbersdream (USA)

"Steve Stoll is one of my all-time favourites. Very nice release. I will play it."
Martin Mueller (Home/NoSleepMusic, Germany)

"Steve Stoll Remix is my favorite! Nice groove, dark atmosphere…I like it!"
Claudio Masso (Elektrax/Hypnotic Room, Italy)

"Really love the Steve Stoll remix."
DP-6 (Fly Life/Naked Lunch/DP-6 Records, Russia)

"I’m loving the Steve Stoll remix - it’s old skool '90s techno, dark & twisted."
Darkmode (Impact Mechanics/Elektrax, UK)
"Good all-round release with various spins on the original."
Ben Mill (IF?/Hypnotic Room, Australia)

"The Little Nobody & DJ Hi-Shock mix is so spatial and cavernous, like it should be dropped at a rave party for 10,000 people and make them crazy."
Kana Masaki (TTAK/Hypnotic Room, Japan)

"I like the Steve Stoll mix very much... The Little Nobody vs. DJ Hi-Shock mix is interesting too."
Michael MD (Spraci.com, Australia)

"Great EP! Will play Steve Stoll remix!"
DJ Warp (Elektrax/IF?, Japan)

"Inigo Kennedy mix drives me wild!"
Akihiro Matsumoto (Jump Records, Japan)

"That’s industrial with a physical feel!"
Toshiyuki Yasuda (Pussyfoot/Megadolly/[PIAS] Recordings, Japan)

"This Inigo Kennedy mix sounds really good!”
Marcin Markowski (Digital Sound Revolution, Poland)

"Yep. Dave Tarrida is good."
Isnod (IF?, Australia)

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